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Horticulture  *

Urban *

“La terra che non c’è” transforms contaminated, built-up, abandoned land into community vegetable gardens to produce fresh food to support poor people thanks to innovative techniques of farming out-soil with the involvement of the inhabitants of the suburbs in processes of self-building and care.  

Shared * Supportive
Inclusive *

Our vegetable-gardens are shared, supportive, inclusive and based on the idea of combining active citizenship and the beauty of projects to allow to retrieve areas and places for the community that can take advantage from the gift of food.

Images of urban social horticulture  

“La terra che non c’è” creates a strong relationship between unused land and citizens of all age, culture, ethnicity thanks to the production of fresh vegetables verified in their grown by the DISAA Department of Milan University.

The logo of our page was created by the students of the Caravaggio Art School in Milan through a contest that involved graphic design classes. The logo awarded by the jury was created by Lorenzo Statzu and Francesco Graziano